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Rumor: Apple to include quad-core A6 in next iPhone

Though the claim comes from one of the more notoriously inaccurate sources, DigiTimes, the possibility is worth noting as Samsung's Exynos 4 architecture is rumored to be involved.

By July 5, 2012


iPad 3 to sport quad-core A6 chip, photos suggest

Images purportedly showing iPad 3 diagnostic info show Apple's next tablet will sport a quad-core A6 processor.

By February 2, 2012


Rumor: Apple to make A6 quad-core, iPad-only

According to conjecture from Linley Gwennap, senior editor at Microprocessor Report, Apple's next-generation mobile processor, the A6 chip, should be quad-core but only available in iPads.

By June 3, 2011


Apple's A6 chip sports 3-core graphics

Apple's A6 graphics silicon boasts three processor cores.

By September 21, 2012


Apple's A6 chip development detailed

Analyst Linley Gwennap explains the development Apple's A6 in the iPhone 5.

By September 17, 2012


Supposed iPad 3 debug data teases A6 chip, 4G data

Apple's next iPad will feature a speedier processor and 4G LTE networking, according to photos published by Boy Genius Report of a purported debugging tool captured from a prototype device.

By February 1, 2012


A6 chip to reach iPad 3 later in 2012, says analyst

Company's latest quad-core chip technology likely won't appear in the iPad 3 until next June or later, a chip consulting firm says.

By August 26, 2011


Toshiba Satellite P745D-S4240 review: AMD A6 processor worth the savings?

Toshiba's new Satellite P series of midrange laptops comes optionally outfitted with an AMD Vision A6 processor. We review the $600-range notebook.

By September 19, 2011


Apple's A6 chip in pilot production

Apple's A6 chip is being test-manufactured at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, marking a shift away from Apple's traditional manufacturing partner Samsung, according to Reuters.

By July 14, 2011


iPhone 5s features quad-core graphics: analysis

The Chipworks teardown of the A7 chip in Apple's latest iPhone, the 5s, shows not only the announced 64-bit CPU, but also the not-so-public arrival of a quad-core GPU.

By September 29, 2013