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Hotel tech at Sydney's QT

Step inside the QT Hotel in Sydney as we take you on a tour of the technology that will make your stay more fun.

By January 24, 2013


Hotel tech at the QT Sydney

January 23, 2013


Nokia dumps Qt unit on Digia

Digia says that it plans to increase the cross-platform development framework's support for a range of mobile operating systems.

By August 9, 2012


Ubuntu opens up to Qt toolkit

Future versions of OS will include the cross-platform Qt interface libraries and could come preloaded with Qt applications based on the framework.

By January 19, 2011


Nokia focusing on Qt, HTML5 for app development

Company is making Qt its sole application development environment to let developers build apps for Symbian and MeeGo and is also supporting HTML5 for mobile Web content.

By October 21, 2010


Nokia gets Qt with rolling updates for Symbian phones

In the wake of criticism of its latest operating system and its flagship phone, the N8, Nokia has announced it's scrapping Symbian 4 as a separate product.

By October 22, 2010


Nokia to bridge Maemo, Symbian with Qt

The use of Qt is expected to make it easier for developers to write apps both for the Maemo mobile Linux OS and for Symbian, Nokia's smartphone platform.

By July 6, 2009


Nokia updates Qt open-source developer platform

The cell phone maker is updating the Qt development platform and adding open-source license options. Go write some cross-platform code.

By March 3, 2009


QT: Canon PowerShot SX1 IS

Canon's CMOS-based megazoom.

By March 2, 2009


Do the dishes on the QT with the Superba EQ series

KitchenAid's latest offering combines superior cleaning power with ultra-quiet operation.

By February 17, 2009