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Sony files for patent on household robot

Sony has applied for a patent on a robotic system that can tell the difference between dirt and a scratch. Are household robots in the company's future?

By April 14, 2014


Sit, Aibo, sit...good dog, this won't hurt a bit

Sit, Aibo, sit...good dog, this won't hurt a bit

By January 26, 2006


Humanoid robot Nao wants to be friends

Humanoid robot Nao shows off its movement, interaction, and balance skills in a new video from developer Aldebaran Robotics, which plans a release in late 2010.

By September 22, 2009


Vote: The nonviolent robot Final Four

The Final Four is set, and only one No. 1 seed is still in contention. You have until Sunday, September 30, to vote on these Final Four matchups and send two tourney-tested robots to the final battle.

By September 24, 2007


Vote: Battle of the nonviolent robots (The Elite 1000)

According to your votes, these are the eight best nonviolent robots out there. Which four will advance to see another round? Vote for the winners.

By September 17, 2007


Crave goes to Vegas

Hear that? It's the blissful sound of silence. Because Crave's gone to Vegas! Fear not, though, the intrepid Crave monkeys will be reporting back on all the hottest new gadget trends from this year's Consumer Electronics Show, surely the greatest show on Earth

By January 4, 2006


Crave Talk: Why is Sony culling its most innovative products?

Sony is getting rid of its best-looking MP3 player -- and we don't understand why. Is this Japanese giant falling down to the bottom of its beanstalk?

By February 16, 2006


Vote: Nonviolent robot championship game!

It's Honda's Asimo vs. Star Trek's Data for all the nonviolent robotic marbles. Cast your vote for our tournament winner.

By October 1, 2007