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Polywell Qbox 865T

Perfect for LAN parties and stylish enough for your living room, the powerful Qbox 865T will make a great addition to your home.

By February 8, 2004

4 stars Editors' rating February 8, 2004

This product is available directly from the manufacturer's Web site.


Polywell Mini Qbox 845-3000

Have your space and features, too. The diminutive yet powerful Polywell Mini Qbox packs a punch without taking up much room.

By July 17, 2003

4.5 stars Editors' rating July 17, 2003

Pricing not available


MySpace fans should give Qbox a try

Qbox has fixed whatever was causing its player to malfunction, and is now a solid tool for finding and playing music from MySpace and other sites.

By June 30, 2008


Qbox could be the ultimate music player...

Qbox makes a great promise: the site and associated player will catalog all music stored on social networking sites, including MySpace, Bebo, and YouTube. But so far, I can't get it to work.

By June 4, 2008


Start-up makes quantum leap into cryptography

Magiq Technologies begins shipping commercial data-scrambling devices that use a radically new technology called quantum encryption.

By November 6, 2003


Week ahead: Corel buyout goes to vote

Shareholders will decide whether to accept a buyout offer that would take the company off the stock market. Also: Customers, developers prep for SCO Group?s shindig.

By August 15, 2003


Week ahead: Earnings extravaganza

Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Intel, AMD and a host of other tech companies reveal how the last quarter treated them. Plus, big Apple and chip-design trade shows.

By July 11, 2003


Week ahead: Easy does it

Scattered trade shows, and earnings from Juniper and Infosys, should help while away the time as the tech world returns to business after the July 4 holiday.

By July 4, 2003


Week ahead: Intel kicks off speed derby

The chipmaker is set to release "Madison," the zippy new server processor hardware makers are already jostling to support. A slew of related product announcements will follow.

By June 27, 2003


Week ahead: Pocket PC on the launch pad

Microsoft is set to light the fuse of its newest version of the handheld operating system, while Apple plans to reveal a line of speedy new desktop PCs. Plus: Palm, RIM earnings.

By June 20, 2003