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HP launches Android-based SlateBook 'PC'

HP's Android 'PC' has arrived. It packs Nvidia's latest Tegra 4 processor and can be used as either a tablet or a laptop.

By Jul. 31, 2013


Will Supreme Court protect your right to resell your own stuff?

Justices hear arguments in case pitting large copyright holders -- who want the ability to limit the resale of certain items -- against librarians, museums, and Internet auction sites.

By Oct. 29, 2012


Get an HP laptop with two years of 4G service for $259.99 shipped

That's two FREE years of 4G service, though as you might expect, your monthly data allotment is on the low side. Still, gotta love free 4G.

By Jul. 18, 2013


Google remainders its independent e-book resales

Google reps assert that the reseller program hasn't met the needs of readers or booksellers.

By Apr. 5, 2012


Mac vs. PC: Lawyers spar over which is best

Which operating system is best? If you ask a lawyer, you'll get two good answers....

By Jun. 21, 2008


Facebook guidelines for employers and employees

Some Facebook posts by workers criticizing their employers are "protected concerted activity," according to the National Labor Relations Board, which also found some company social-media guidelines overly broad. Is Facebook safe for workers?

By Oct. 4, 2011


Leaked HP, Toshiba 'Core i3' laptops not pricey

Due soon from Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Gateway and others, the first mainstream laptops using Intel's new Core i3 chip are pretty cheap.

By Jan. 2, 2010


The Meta-Webbys: The awards for the best Webby acceptance speeches

Winners of the annual digital-media awards are limited to five words for their acceptance speeches. Here are the ones worth reading.

By Jun. 11, 2008