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While solar gets vertical, Q-Cells succeeds by staying put

The one-product strategy pays off for Germany's Q-Cells, which reportedly ranks second in the world, behind Sharp, in solar cell production.

By August 30, 2007


German solar maker Solon hits the skids

Solar manufacturer Solon files for insolvency, the latest victim of a crushing price war in solar that has helped bring down at least three U.S.-based solar manufacturers.

By December 14, 2011


Solar shakeout will bring more failures, few deals

A brutal 2011 has left the solar industry on the cusp of a major shakeout that will lead to many companies' demise; those that survive, however, will benefit later as demand for their services increases.

By August 25, 2011


Harsh lessons from Evergreen Solar flame-out

Evergreen Solar was a darling of Massachusetts politicians until it fell apart. But there's plenty to learn from what went wrong at this once-promising company.

By August 17, 2011


A new wire twist on silicon solar cells

Researchers have come up with a way to make flexible solar cells with silicon wires that use just 1 percent of the material needed to make conventional solar cells.

By February 14, 2010


Solar-power prices slide toward 'grid parity'

Analysis of industry costs shows that solar panels are poised to reach grid parity in three years in many places. That's good for consumers but means tough times for manufacturers.

By February 24, 2009


Where are we going with solar tech?

A Gauguin of the solar industry paints the past, present, and future market after surveying key players.

By February 18, 2009


Green news harvest: Oil and solar...algae and jetfuel

Oil giant Total invests $45 million plastic solar cell company Konarka, while DARPA funds a project to make jet fuel from algae for military planes.

By December 16, 2008


CaliSolar to make metallurgical silicon solar cells

Start-up CaliSolar is said to have raised $102 million to commercialize a technique of using upgraded metallurgical silicon to make solar cells.

By November 3, 2008


First Solar aiming at $1 billion in revenue this year

Despite experts saying a fall is imminent, First Solar continues to climb.

By April 30, 2008