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Detect and remove all variants of W32/Pushdo Trojan.

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TDL-4: The 'indestructible' botnet?

Researchers at Kaspersky say the TDL-4 is extremely sophisticated and has already infected 4.5 million computers around the globe.

By June 30, 2011


Botnet sends fake SSL pings to CIA, PayPal, others

The Pushdo botnet is trying to evade detection by using fake SSL connections to major Web sites, researcher says.

By February 1, 2010


Malware and social network attacks surge in '09

Malicious spam and attacks via social-networking sites skyrocketed in the second half of last year, according to a report from security vendor M86 Security.

By February 17, 2010


Fake Facebook e-mail contains Trojan

A new e-mail claiming to come from "The Facebook Team" is circulating. According to security firm MX Labs, that e-mail contains a Trojan horse called Bredolab.

By October 27, 2009


Report: Spam reduced following Pricewert shutdown

Botnets appear to have suffered a big blow with the shutdown of Pricewert, resulting in the reduction of spam activities by 15 percent globally.

By June 9, 2009