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Crime and punishment: Harsh fate for accused LulzSec hackers?

Harsh sentencing guidelines have failed to deter hackers, but prosecutors are likely to make examples of those arrested in the Anonymous-related hacking cases.

By Apr. 20, 2012


The 404 1,098: Where our punishment must be more severe (podcast)

Anyone else notice that Bane's post-tracheotomy voice in "Dark Knight Rises" sounds like The Count from "Sesame Street?" On today's show, we'll talk more about what you need to know before seeing the movie (no spoilers), plus 3D-printed assault rifles signaling the end of gun control.

By Jul. 30, 2012


CNET UK Podcast 261: Cybercrime and punishment

It's CNET UK vs the cybercriminals as we discuss whether we need an Internet police -- plus the latest tech news.

By Nov. 4, 2011


Friday Poll: Worst tech-related punishment?

This week, a judge ordered a teen charged with burglary to surrender his beloved Xbox to show what it felt like to have something of value taken away. So what would hit you the hardest?

By Jul. 1, 2011


Punishment for defamer: Send 100 tweets of apology

A Malaysian man defames a magazine publisher. As part of the settlement, he must send 100 apologetic tweets over a three-day period.

By Jun. 2, 2011


Off-topic: The punishment that is Lily

Matt's family beats up on him.

By Feb. 8, 2008


San Mateo County levies a serious punishment for traffic violations: Internet Explorer

Why should governments force a technology decision on their inhabitants?

By May. 8, 2008


Surface 2 Diaries: the prequel

By Jan. 15, 2014


Poll: Does Manning deserve prison?

Found guilty of violating the Espionage Act but acquitted of the most serious charge -- "aiding the enemy" -- Bradley Manning might go to prison for multiple decades. Does the punishment fit the crime?

By Jul. 30, 2013


Samsung Galaxy S5 on sale early, Gear 2 Neo and Fit too

Rogue retailers are defying the Samsung Galaxy S5's release date, while the Gear Fit and Gear 2 Neo are on sale in Europe.

By Apr. 1, 2014