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Google lashes out at critic over 'payola punditry'

D.C. lobbyist Scott Cleland is paid by AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, and others to assail Google, which he does on a daily basis. Now his adversary is fighting back--at least a little.

By December 4, 2008


Unabashed punditry on Zimbra, rants on Google and Microsoft, and much more

Episode 3 of Open Season

By September 27, 2007


Twitter launches dedicated presidential debate page

Political junkies and first-time debate watchers alike can get the latest punditry and reaction to the first face-off between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney tonight on Twitter's special page.

By October 3, 2012


Artie MacStrawman and the Wii Effect

Some silly punditry and a look at Mac market share.

By October 23, 2007


Apple gifting $10,000 for its 10 billionth App Store download

Less than 3 years after its celebrated opening, despite pointed punditry and some certain growing pains, Apple's App Store is about to claim 10 billion App downloads. To celebrate, as they did with iTunes reaching 10 billion downloads, Apple is giving away a $10,000 iTunes gift card to the person that purchases the 10 billionth download.

By January 14, 2011


Online market predicts candidates' chances

Intrade.com presents a novel kind of political punditry, as members buy and sell "political futures" whose price represents the collective conventional wisdom of who is most likely to win.

By February 7, 2008


BT Sport will be 'more relaxed' than Sky in pub fight

BT promises its sporting coverage will be more more gentle than Sky's frenetic shows as their fight spills into the pubs.

By July 2, 2013


BT Sport kicks off at 6pm tonight, free for everyone today

BT Sports 1 and 2 start at 6pm tonight with no charge for anyone, for one day only, on YouView, Sky, iOS, Android and online.

By August 1, 2013


Twitter's Election Day 2012 event page is live

The social network launches its one-stop shop for up-to-date information on the presidential election, state races, and ballot propositions.

By November 5, 2012


Does telecommuting really reduce employee performance?

Academic research suggests that working more than one day a week away from the office, for jobs that require a lot of collaboration with colleagues, can cut into performance.

By March 4, 2013