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Microsoft goes Moneyball to pummel iPad yet again

In its latest anti-iPad ad, Microsoft gives us two baseball scouts. One can multitask on his tablet. The other has an iPad.

By Jul. 9, 2013


Would Linux help Adobe pummel Microsoft?

Adobe has a chance to create a custom Linux desktop for its users, but the world may not be ready for a single-purpose PC that focuses on creative applications alone.

By Aug. 19, 2008


Shocker: The most-deaf musicians aren't rockers

But who is? You might be surprised.

By Apr. 12, 2014


Apple iRadio rival to Spotify and Pandora delayed

Apple's planned music streaming service is delayed as the iPhone and iPad giant struggles to reach a deal with record labels.

By Mar. 8, 2013


WrestliLeaks: Reddit poster reveals WWE results in advance

A Reddit contributor decides to use the forum to progressively reveal the alleged future results of WWE fights. Oddly, his predictions are eerily accurate.

By Jul. 19, 2013


Quad-core smartphone shootout

Find out which of these superphones reigns supreme.

By Dec. 10, 2012


World's fastest lawn mower record set

American Bobby Cleveland won back his record for the World's Fastest Lawn Mower, restoring order to the natural world.

By Sep. 28, 2010


Police: Traveler won't shut off iPhone, gets socked

A 15-year-old won't switch off his iPhone as a plane comes in to land. A fellow passenger is so annoyed that he allegedly punches him and is arrested.

By Dec. 29, 2010


Mechanical hammer attempts to destroy phone. Film at--right now!

CreativeFeed attempts to destroy the Sonim XP1 live on the Internet.

By Oct. 24, 2008


Five heavily discounted iPhone games

Short on cash? Fear not. I've rounded up five (actually, six) entertaining games for the iPhone and iPod Touch, all of them discounted by at least 40 percent.

By Aug. 13, 2009