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Pulverizing with the Ninja Ultima Blender

The Ninja's value slices through the competition.

October 29, 2013


Microsoft Surface dancing ad pulverizes Apple

According to Ace Metrix, the all-dancing Surface ad is "the most effective" tablet ad of the year. Yes, even better than the Galaxy Note ad. And in an entirely different realm from Apple's offerings.

By October 21, 2012


Sick of your PC? Pulverize it

When chewed up, a PC fits in a jar. Just ask Security Engineered Machinery--it takes paper shredding to a whole new level. Photos: Gear that deletes and destroys

By February 16, 2005


Pulver debuts P2P Bellster network

Digital troublemaker Jeff Pulver unleashes a way to use the Net to let anyone use your phone to make a call.

By January 28, 2005


Pulver predicts Capitol Hill VoIP calls

Jeff Pulver put pressure on the FCC to make a decision that will likely shape the future of voice over Internet Protocol. Now, he's about to get his answer.

By February 11, 2004