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Birds could be turned back into dinosaurs, says biochemist

The DNA of birds could be the conduit to a re-creation of dinosaurs. The idea would be to design genomes of creatures from the past.

By December 22, 2013


NASA reveals one-man electric plane

The contraption, which theoretically can cruise at 150 miles per hour, is being touted as a potential revolution in the way people transport themselves.

By January 25, 2010


VelvetPuffin, a social network masquerading as unified IM

VelvetPuffin is a clever app-based social network, but it doesn't go far enough.

By July 20, 2007


Crumbs! Large Hadron Collider suffers snack-related bird mishap

A bird has bombed a bit of baguette into the Large Hadron Collider, causing the giant particle accelerator to overheat. If a marmoset drops in some Marmite, we've got ourselves breakfast

By November 6, 2009


Forget Seinfeld, Microsoft, you want the two Coreys

Crave asked readers who would be a better spokesman for the Redmondians. Their suggestions range from the insightful to, well, the just plain cruel.

By August 23, 2008