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Where we're taking candy from strangers, psych!

Rachel Thebault from the impeccable Tribeca Treats joins us to help dissect NBC's idiotic fall lineup. Yes, SNL is coming to Thursdays, no joke. Plus, Dwight is spinning out of The Office, and this just in from the future, The Office has been renewed. Psy

By Apr. 3, 2008


Smart wig on and lightsaber packed, I visit the future

In the second part of a two-part piece of speculative fiction, Crave's Eric Mack time-travels to a day when everything is a little more awesome.

By Jan. 5, 2014


Did a bug in Deep Blue lead to Kasparov's defeat?

In his new book, Nate Silver writes that a glitch in IBM's chess terminator may have spooked Garry Kasparov in his famous 1997 loss. But he was more likely psyched out by its surprising brilliance.

By Sep. 27, 2012


Texting makes you a linguistic Soup Nazi, study says

A study suggests that those who text more are less accepting of new words and more rigid about existing ones. It is unclear whether these new words include LOL and LMAO

By Feb. 22, 2012


Deerhunter, 'Nothing Ever Happened': Free MP3 of the Day

Download a free MP3 of "Nothing Ever Happened" courtesy of CNET Download Music.

By Jan. 15, 2009


Case of the bad firmware upgrade: Jambox

When Jawbone upgraded the firmware on the Jambox, its snazzy, compact Bluetooth speaker, it was supposed to improve the sound. For many people, however, it didn't. Read this cautionary tale.

By Sep. 12, 2011


'Daily Show,' 'Colbert Report,' and more for your Zune

Microsoft to add 400 more episodes to the Zune Marketplace, for a total of 19 new shows.

By May. 28, 2008


DRM still sucks, even after it's dead

I tried to upgrade all my DRM-encrusted tracks on iTunes to DRM-free iTunes Plus versions so I could also play them on my other MP3 players. Unfortunately, Apple won't let you upgrade songs you got for free. That stinks.

By Apr. 8, 2009


Effin Genius is like Pandora's smart little brother

This iPhone app analyzes the playlists on your iPhone, then creates new playlists of songs you don't own.

By Jan. 6, 2010


Download free HD episodes of 'Battlestar Galactica', '30 Rock', and more

Apple is offering free HD episodes of 12 popular shows. All you have to do is install iTunes 8.

By Sep. 11, 2008