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Sony's PRS-350 e-reader just misses greatness

If you can overlook the fact that it's missing wireless connectivity, the Sony PRS-350 is a very nice e-reader that's anchored by an impressive and easy-to-use touch interface.

By September 27, 2010


Sony Reader PRS-650 and PRS-350 slim down, touchscreen up

Sony is rumoured to be planning two new touchscreen ebook readers with thinner chassis and lower prices, to take on Amazon's recent overhaul of the Kindle

By August 18, 2010


Ask us: where to get ebooks

One of the questions we're most commonly asked about e-readers is where in Australia one can obtain ebooks.

By September 11, 2012


Sony Reader Wi-Fi puts Kindle in its sights

Sony's new lightweight Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1 will hit stores in October for $149.

By August 31, 2011


Sony Daily Edition PRS-950 e-reader (review)

Sony's flagship e-reader, the Daily Edition PRS-950, is a capable, well-designed e-reader that offers both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity--but at $300, it's too expensive.

By February 4, 2011


Ebooks and e-readers: FAQ

E-readers are seeing a real boost in the Australian marketplace; however, many Australians are still wary to adopt this unfamiliar technology. Here we answer some common questions to help demystify the e-reading experience.

By May 19, 2011


Sony: E-readers 'selling out around the world'

Not to be left out of the rosy e-reader sales game, Sony says demand is very strong for its e-readers, too, this holiday season.

By December 18, 2010


Pandigital introduces second Novel e-reader

Pandigital's new $200 Novel 6-inch Personal eReader has a touch-screen interface and built-in Wi-Fi to go along with a Barnes & Noble tie-in.

By October 19, 2010


Sony delivers next-gen e-readers

Sony has officially unveiled three new e-readers: the Reader Pocket Edition PRS-350, the Reader Touch Edition PRS-650, and the Reader Daily Edition PRS-950. They all feature next-generation touch-screen e-ink technology.

By September 1, 2010


WHSmith's Samsung Slide E60 is more enotepad than ebook reader

Glorified paper shop WHSmith is the latest retailer to offer its own ebook reader, stocking the alliteratively named Samsung Slide eReader E60 alongside the pens and notepads.

By August 24, 2010