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Hackers target Oakland police after Occupy protest

Personal information about officers like contact info and schedules is posted to public Pastebin page after police actions to quell crowd appear to result in injury of war veteran. Hacker offers reward for information on the incident.

By October 27, 2011


Shouty app helps Occupy protesters be heard

Shouty follows in footsteps of "I'm Getting Arrested" app; more in the works.

By October 26, 2011


Verizon workers to join Occupy Wall Street protest

Verizon workers and members of the Communications Workers of America Union will join the Occupy Wall Street protest on Friday.

By October 20, 2011


Citigroup CEO targeted by hackers over protest arrests

CabinCr3w releases personal data on Citigroup's Vikram Pandit in retaliation for arrest of protesters during the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations this past weekend.

By October 17, 2011


Touch o' sarcasm: Celeb shots mislabeled as Wall St. protest

Canadian newspaper has some fun online, publishing photographs of Hollywood stars allegedly spouting Wall Street protest philosophy.

By October 13, 2011


Barnes & Noble protests Kindle deal by yanking books

The book publishing business has largely avoided the exclusive deals that marked record companies' first digital forays, but that's changing. In the wake of a Kindle Fire deal with DC Comics, Barnes & Noble responds by pulling books from its shelves.

By October 7, 2011


Yahoo blocked e-mails about Wall Street protests

Company apologizes after disclosure of blocked emails comes to light, blames spam filter

By September 20, 2011


Best of Buzz Out Loud 14: Google buys Motorola, Anonymous protests, and the right-brain computer

Google agrees to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, authorities face Anonymous protests over San Francisco mobile network shutdown, and IBM creates cognitive semiconductors: a step toward right-brain computers.

By August 19, 2011


SF subway closes stations during Anonymous protest

BART police say crowded station posed safety concern, leading the transit system to close stations during commuter rush hour.

By August 15, 2011


Anonymous plans BART Web site attack, protest

Hackvist group say it will take the Web site for the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District off line today and also plans a peaceful protest for tomorrow.

By August 14, 2011