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Fisher-Price Smart Connect 2-in-1 Projection Mobile

Although the Fisher-Price Mobile isn't perfect, it's a feature-rich device with a longer lifespan than most competitors in its category. For the price, it's a solid purchase.

By July 12, 2016

4 stars Editors' rating July 12, 2016

MSRP: $70.00

Editors' Take

Impossible Project l-1 Instant Camera

This instant film camera is analog, but Bluetooth and an iOS app give photographers some perks of the digital age.

By May 14, 2016


Apple's next secret-project hire? Bob Mansfield, former hardware exec

Mansfield would bring a wealth of experience to Apple's car project, something that nobody's been able to confirm as a real project yet.

By July 25, 2016


Apple's secret car project may have a new boss (CNET Update)

A new report says Bob Mansfield, a former head of hardware engineering at Apple, is now driving Project Titan.

By July 26, 2016


The Impossible Project's first instant film camera

The I-1 adds some modern digital touches to a film classic.

By May 13, 2016


Apple's car project gets a new boss, says report

Bob Mansfield is reportedly the new head of Apple's Project Titan. Mansfield was a high-ranking executive at Apple for years.

By July 26, 2016


All the Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts you need to know

Never use your mouse again.

By July 29, 2016


Fisher-Price projects the future of baby tech

This 2-in-1 Projection Mobile packs in the extra goodies

By July 14, 2016


Google's Project Fi boosts data speeds when traveling abroad

The search giant is trying to tempt more people to use its experimental wireless service, though it works with only a few phones so far.

By July 12, 2016


Impossible Project's instant camera catapults Polaroid into the modern age

You can have your Polaroid film and keep your digital perks, too. A fresh take on the vintage Polaroid concept hopes to lure in photographers with old-school film.

By April 12, 2016