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Burnouts rejoice, Kozmo.com's progeny lives on

A former exec from Kozmo.com, a company much celebrated for delivering munchies and movies to customers' homes before it closed down 10 years ago, has built his own delivery service. Unlike Kozmo, this one is profitable.

By April 20, 2011


Priceline gets Shatner an angry daughter for Super Bowl

Now that you don't have to bid for airfares and hotel rooms anymore, what can you do with William Shatner? You give him progeny. A clever, attractive progeny.

By February 3, 2013


2011 Honda CR-Z

The hybrid progeny of the beloved CR-X is ready for showrooms.

By January 12, 2010


File sharers hold vigil for Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay may be breathing its last breath, but the site revered by file-sharers and reviled by copyright owners has likely given birth to numerous progeny.

By August 25, 2009


End of the line for Progeny Linux

Progeny Linux, a company that failed to make a go of commercial support of Debian Linux, has shut down.

By May 2, 2007


The original CRX would be proud of its progeny.

The original CRX would be proud of its progeny.

May 21, 2008


Progeny Linux leader takes new job

Founder of Debian Linux project and of company called Progeny to commercialize it takes job trying to standardize elements of OS.

By February 17, 2006


Reverse-engineering 'The Godfather' for gaming

Electronic Arts artists had to watch the old film over and over to capture characters' look and feel. Video: Trailer of 'Godfather,' the game Image: Progeny of 'Godfather'

By March 6, 2006


Debian start-up seeks new funding

Progeny, which is aiming to commercialize the Debian version of Linux, is looking to "accelerate our growth," co-founder says.

By August 12, 2005