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Ex-GTA producer: Don't expect 3 consoles in next, next gen

That's the word from Jeremy Pope, who spent nearly a decade at Rockstar Games before leaving to found his own mobile startup, Rally Games.

By May. 20, 2013


Producer-engineer Young Guru on what good sound sounds like

The Audiophiliac has a sit-down with Young Guru.

By Apr. 21, 2013


'Star Trek II' producer talks Ceti Eel, J.J. Abrams, and more (Q&A)

Robert Sallin, producer of "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan," shares his experience working on the film, looks at the future of "Trek," and dishes on whether that was Ricardo Montalban's real chest.

By May. 25, 2013


"NCIS: LA" producer talks tech

At the Comic-Con panel for CBS's hit show "NCIS: LA," Executive Producer Shane Brennan explains the unique military technology you'll see in every episode.

Jul. 23, 2011


M-Audio Session Music Producer

The M-Audio Session Music Producer is an affordable, computer-based recording solution that is ideally suited for recording singing and spoken performances such as podcasts.

By Nov. 7, 2007

3 stars Editor's rating Nov. 7, 2007

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GE unit invests in biofuels producer

Cool Planet Biofuels, a start-up that converts plant waste into biofuel, scores $8 million in funding via GE joint partnership with North Bridge Venture Partners. GE gets a seat on the board.

By Nov. 17, 2010


Top Gear executive producer responds to Tesla lawsuit

Top Gear's executive producer Andy Wilman has put his side of the story after Tesla announced its intention to sue the BBC over claims the show made about its electric sports car.

By Apr. 4, 2011


Verbatim Producer 44

Need movie burning and massive archiving on the cheap? Verbatim's Producer 44 is a steal--but the pricier Sony DRU-510A may be a better deal.

By Jul. 9, 2003

3.5 stars Editor's rating Jul. 9, 2003

'Hurt Locker' producer blasts 'moron' pirates

In a strongly worded e-mail, Nicolas Chartier calls someone who disagreed with his plans to sue people who illegally downloaded his movie a "moron" and "stupid."

By May. 20, 2010


Producer Jon Landau introduces 'Avatar' on Blu-ray

Executive Producer Jon Landau gives some details about the Blu-ray, special edition, and 3D releases of Avatar, and talks about remaking classics in 3D.

By Apr. 23, 2010