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Prince drops $22M copyright suit against Facebook fans

After alleging that 22 people linked to bootleg recordings of his concerts, the pop artist dismisses the far-fetched lawsuit.

By January 29, 2014


The spectacular science of exploding glass

A Prince Rupert's Drop is a piece of drop-shaped glass that won't break when you hit the bulb, but tap the tail and it explodes in a shower of granules. Watch it in 130,000fps to find out why.

By March 26, 2013


ZDNet's Rupert Goodwins argues the HTC Desire HD is the Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century

Rupert Goodwins hails the HTC Desire HD as the Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century for its multifaceted functionality and, above all, unequivocal openness. Do you agree?

By November 12, 2010


WSJ comes out for SOPA, more lawmakers pull support

As the fight rages over the SOPA and PIPA antipiracy bills, more lawmakers continue to switch sides and drop support.

By January 18, 2012


Rupert Murdoch ready to sue Google?

A new profile of the News Corp. baron quotes a source who says he's willing to press legal action against Google in the event that talks about indexing content fall through.

By February 28, 2010


Video: Hands-on with 'Prince of Persia'

Every week on the show, Don takes a look at a video game or gadget and today, Prince of Persia for the Playstation 3 got the nod. Is it worth checking out? Find out!

By January 10, 2009


Reports: U.K. paper paid police to 'ping' phones

Former News of the World reporters say the Murdoch-owned paper paid police to locate the phones of news subjects, as well as obtain private data about the royal family.

By July 12, 2011


Hackers target Murdoch newspaper Web site

Fake news story about Rupert Murdoch's death and hacking of media company comes out the same day a former Murdoch journalist-turned whistleblower is found dead.

By July 18, 2011


Privacy: Facebook's Achilles heel

Once people realize the serious threats posed by third parties misusing the personal information available on Facebook, they will flock to alternatives offering more protection.

By March 28, 2011


James Cameron talks entertainment at D8

At the D: All Things Digital conference, the director discusses Microsoft, BP, a refurbished "Titanic," and a sequel to "Avatar."

By June 2, 2010