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Signal-jamming coat hides your devices from prying eyes

This isn't the first time a garment has promised to protect our privacy, but to an Austrian design team's credit, this one looks a lot cozier.

By June 17, 2014


Chrome, IE, Silk pry open mobile-browsing market

Newer arrivals on smartphones and tablets have only a small part of the market, but consider that a foot in the door.

By February 1, 2013


If you're really, really serious about keeping prying hands off your laptop

We can't think of too many people who would risk checking their e-mail on your laptop with this laptop finger trap installed.

By October 15, 2008


Secure your e-mail from prying eyes

GnuPG is an absolutely free way to digitally sign and encrypt your e-mail.

By October 9, 2008


Can I see your iPhone? Prying eyes want to know...

A very public device can carry lots of not-so-public materials

By September 17, 2007


Keep the sun, and prying eyes, off your laptop screen

CompuShade lets nerds get outside for once.

By March 27, 2007


Google demotes Chrome feature that would hide full Web addresses

Those who want their browser to show Web sites' full addresses should be happy that Google put work on its "origin chip" on the back burner.

By June 10, 2014


Hate Chrome hiding Web addresses? It may be the future

Some loathe Google's test to see whether it's better to hide the gory details of Web addresses by default. But that move could actually be a sensible shift.

By May 2, 2014


'Fatbergs' choking London sewers to be used for energy

The world's largest fat-fueled power station will generate some 130 GWh a year. And "fat icebergs" won't end up in landfill sites.

By April 25, 2013


The Higgs boson symphony

Composer and particle physicist Domenico Vicinanza has converted Higgs particle data to music.

By October 7, 2012