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Power to Prezi!

Is it a presentation tool? Or a visual storytelling tool? Visualization software? Or a zooming editor? Budapest-based Adam Somlei-Fischer, founder and lead designer of Prezi, and Peter Halacsy, founder and CTO of Prezi, were interested in soliciting feedb

By August 23, 2009


Scale and zoom around presentations with ZuiPrezi

ZuiPrezi is a next-generation online presentation tool that lets you zoom and fly around online presentations. It's not out yet, but it sure looks neat.

By October 7, 2008


Adobe begins testing Ginger, its video presentation iPad app

The software, which lets iPad users create video presentations, is in testing -- but only to those who agree to an Adobe confidentiality agreement.

By October 3, 2013


From Google economy to Twitter economy

The whole time dimension of Twitter is uncharted but valuable territory, and there are other add-ins, integrators, and localization services that will emerge in this vibrant new ecosystem. The conversation on the social web is as rich as the human communi

By May 13, 2009