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Ep. 196: Emergency preparedness tech

What kinds of tech gadgets should you have in your emergency kits? We give you some ideas and take some from the audience.

By February 4, 2010


The Real Deal 196: Emergency preparedness tech (podcast)

What tech is necessary for your emergency kit? We cover some ideas and take some from the audience.

By February 4, 2010


FCC confident about digital-TV preparedness

Officials say they are feeling more positive about the switch to digital TV than they were before the previous deadline thanks to coordinated efforts among different agencies.

By May 13, 2009


Survival 101: Build a mobile preparedness kit

Brad Bostrom, a wilderness expert, describes the must-have items that travelers should throw in their trunks before a road trip. CNET News.com's Neha Tiwari reports from REI in San Francisco.

November 1, 2007


Disaster preparedness: Time is always running out

Just in case you've forgotten why you should be worried, here is a list of reminders and a plea for IT groups to get their act together.

By July 31, 2007


Crave giveaway: Bracketron SmartLantern portable battery pack

This little go-anywhere gadget charger also works as a lantern and a flashlight. Toss it in your bag for travel or camping and get a boost of power and light.

By May 23, 2014


Obama signs order outlining emergency Internet control

A new executive order addresses how the country deals with the Internet during natural disasters and security emergencies, but it also puts a lot of power in the government's hands.

By July 10, 2012


Use Nextdoor to prepare your neighborhood for disaster

The service helps you organize your neighbors into a social network, but sharing emergency-preparedness information customized to your area may require a free site-building service such as Google Sites.

By November 14, 2012


Man accused of breaking into homes purely to view porn

An Oregon man, who allegedly says he is addicted to porn, is arrested and charged with breaking into homes to satisfy his addiction by viewing on stranger's computers.

By July 22, 2012


RIM: Over 50 carriers testing BlackBerry 10 now

The company reiterates that it's on track for the launch of its BlackBerry 10 phones in the first quarter.

By October 31, 2012