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Hands-on with the Huawei Premia 4G (pictures)

Huawei's budget Android 4.0 experience comes on an adequate-enough handset. See what you get for $99 off-contract.

8 Images By April 16, 2013


Huawei Premia 4G is $100 off-contract

: A budget no-contract phone is a rare find, but this Android Ice Cream Sandwich handset has some flaws.

By April 16, 2013


Huawei Premia 4G now available at MetroPCS

The carrier's second Huawei 4G LTE smartphone runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and features a 4.0-inch display.

By March 21, 2013


Huawei Premia 4G

Although the price and features are right, MetroPCS sells a better Android phone. Skip the Huawei Premia 4G in favor of LG's Motion 4G.

By April 16, 2013

3 stars Editors' rating April 16, 2013

MSRP: $149.00


Move that sink full of dirty dishes to the counter

The Premia 6 Place Setting Countertop Compact Dishwasher is a practical solution for space-challenged kitchens.

By January 22, 2010


Epson's pricey photo viewers present prettier pictures?

The P-6000 and P-7000 feature significantly better color than their predecessors.

By August 5, 2008


Recession proofing with open source?

Is open source recession-proof? No, but it's very resilient.

By November 14, 2007