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Kyocera Hydro Vibe touches down on Sprint, Virgin Mobile

Sprint and its pre-paid arm Virgin Mobile will carry the entry-level, waterproof smartphone in May.

By May 5, 2014


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Telstra prepaid handset recharge

Telstra prepaid customers now have access to a "My Pre-paid" button on their handsets giving them the ability to recharge their accounts from their phones.

By May 27, 2008


Calling card vs. 'Freedom Phone'

This concept phone is a small pre-paid handset, but it's probably better to buy a calling card.

By February 4, 2008


Short Take: New sites aim to ease cell phone sales

Two new Web sites, CellMania.com and Decide.com, aim to take the guesswork out of selecting a mobile phone and wireless calling plan for consumers. CellMania offers subscriber information about nearly 10,000 wireless plans nationwide. Decide.com, formerly 123tel.com, is set to launch Monday with similar comparison shopping Web site. Decide will offer information on wireless services and other telecommunications services including long distance plans and pre-paid calling cards.

September 17, 1999


Short Take: Net2Phone offers email service by phone

IP telephony company Net2Phone today announced a new service that allows users to check their email by phone. Customers with a pre-paid calling card can have their emails read to them in English or Spanish, or have the email text faxed to them. Users can also respond to email by phone, through an audio file attachment. The service, which will launch Feb. 15, will cost 25 cents a minute. Net2Phone partnered with MailCall to give its customers free email accounts.

February 4, 1999