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Skoda's 'Mega Man-Pram': A manly stroller for manly dads

Skoda Auto has unveiled a giant, high-spec stroller that it's calling "the ultimate accessory for new dads."

By July 30, 2013


Tardis stroller for the young 'Doctor Who' fan

This fan-made Tardis pram makes us all wish we were tiny Time Lords. Crafter Vanja Vinter gives Crave the (bigger on the inside) scoop.

By September 29, 2014


The 125cc world's fastest pram

A hobby inventor has added a motorcycle engine to a pram, giving it a top speed of 80 kilometres per hour.

By October 10, 2012


Tackle clamshell mode issues with Apple laptops

A quick PRAM reset or settings change may help a stubborn MacBook that refuses to enter clamshell mode.

By January 24, 2013


Samsung: PRAM to push mobile battery life

Will flash eventually give way to phase-change random access memory? Samsung is hopeful as it begins manufacturing, but there's still a ways to go.

By September 29, 2009


Bluetooth issues may be solved by resetting PRAM

When an Apple Support Discussions user had issues with their Bluetooth not being recognized on their Mac a solution was found by resetting PRAM. Continue reading to hear more about the issue and the solution.

By July 6, 2009


When to reset the PRAM and SMC/PMU

The PRAM The Parameter RAM is a small amount of "nonvolatile" RAM (NVRAM) that holds various settings that the system can use before the operating system loads, and maintains these settings even when the computer is turned off. There is a small battery

By April 9, 2009


Spell-check problems fixed with PRAM reset

The system-wide spell check in OS X has been a welcome addition to the Mac platform, and many developers have implemented it in their programs. However, in some instances this feature may suddenly stop working.

By March 23, 2009


PRAM reset may result in wrong boot drive being used

"PRAM" (Parameter RAM) consists of a small chip of memory, which contains hardware parameters that the machine can use before the system is loaded.

By January 15, 2009


Mac OS X 10.5.5: PRAM reset fixes no sound after update

Some users have found that sound output is not working after the Mac OS X 10.5.5 update.

By December 1, 2008