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Denmark shows its green pragmatism

Denmark may have electric canal boats for the tourists, and wind turbines off its shore, but coal, gas, and oil still play a large part in how the country really produces electricity.

By Aug. 17, 2011


Pragmatism, not passion, pulls Parisians to iPhone 4S

Apple has plenty of ardent fans, but a more subdued crowd showed up for the first day of retail store sales for the newest iPhone.

By Oct. 14, 2011


Mark Shuttleworth: Walking the line between idealism and pragmatism (<i>Economist</i>)

Mark Shuttleworth does an excellent job of marrying free software idealism with pragmatic business sense.

By Jun. 14, 2007


Car Guy: Buying a Car

Occasionally, needs must, and a car guy has to buy a car. This can lead to much consternation.

By Nov. 16, 2013


So, who's going to buy the iPhone 4S?

A new survey from Retrevo says that 44 percent of iPhone 3/3GS owners are eyeing the new phone but 42 percent of iPhone 4 owners also have it on their shopping list.

By Oct. 14, 2011


One year ago...Mark Shuttleworth on idealism

Mark Shuttleworth's Ubuntu will win not because it copies better, but because it seeks to be better.

By Aug. 10, 2008


Logitech UE Boombox

The Logitech UE Boombox's eight powerful internal drivers and timeless architecture score top marks for the first product bearing the company's collaborative moniker.

By Aug. 29, 2012

4 stars Editor's rating Aug. 29, 2012

Copenhagen: A city of SUV cyclists

With 55 percent of its residents cycling to their place of work or education each day, Copenhagen has succeeded in changing its transportation system--and improving quality of life along the way.

By Aug. 18, 2011


Is open source enabling next-gen vendor lock-in?

The Open Source Business Conference offers terrific content, but it may simply be training the proprietary world how to create distribution efficiency sans the freedom found in open source.

By Mar. 26, 2009


Open source is its own worst enemy

The Open Source Initiative is leading a charge for open-source purity that will end up hurting open source more than it helps it.

By Apr. 2, 2009