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Crave Podcast 106: Calacanis talks haters, pr0n and crack

Jason Calacanis, the founder of Weblogs, Inc, chats about the tech industry's biggest haters, where to find the best pr0n, and what types of crack not to smoke. It's podcast gold

By Oct. 10, 2008


Crave Podcast 90: Gadget lovers are arrogant? Get lost

Roll up, roll up, it's Crave Podcast number 90. This week -- just like every damned week -- we bring you the best in tech news, gadget hands-on and Net-based frivolity

By Jun. 20, 2008


Calacanis: Apple to release networked HDTVs

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours with tech celebrity Jason Calacanis, who told me Apple was working on a networked television

By Oct. 10, 2008


The 404 678: Where we bite into a Koala Bear (podcast)

We're delving into the bizarre world of Kindlerotica, aka e-reader pR0n, plus a blacklist of words that Google considers too nasty to include in its Instant search feature.

By Oct. 1, 2010


The 404 294: Where daylight-saving time is no friend of The 404

Daylight Savings Times really messes with the guys of The 404. Today, we realize how old we are when compacts discs are 30 years old. Obviously, teens prefer MP3s over CDs; audiophiles die a little.

By Mar. 9, 2009


We Live in Public: Crave reviews the dotcom documentary

Crave reviews We Live in Public, a new documentary on dotcom self-destruction, exhibitionism and the greatest Internet pioneer you've never heard of

By Nov. 17, 2009


The 10 dumbest Firefox add-ons ever

Firefox's enormous popularity has led to thousands of extensions to change the way it works. Some protect you from the crassness of the Web, while many more are just plain stupid

By Nov. 5, 2009


Buzz Out Loud 1424: BOL.xxx (podcast)

Between computer love and our frustration at Apple's capricious review-unit shenanigans, today's show ends up a tiny bit off the rails. However, in the straight dish, Kinect is the fastest-selling consumer device, Safari falls to hackers in record time, AOL has some brutal layoffs, and Discovery lands safely and is headed for the museum. Sniff. --Molly

By Mar. 10, 2011


The 404 321: Where Jason bringeth thy camerath

The 404 studio starts its transition from toxic waste dump site into a full-on video production system with the help of Buzz Out Loud star Jason Howell. Seriously, there are about six cameras in here pointed at things that I don't even want to mention.

By Apr. 15, 2009


The 404 310: Where BOL wishes it was The 404

There's been a lot Buzz Out Loud and The 404 tension going on for the last couple of months, but today, it's all on! We're sick and tired of the "Bore Out Loud" stealing our women--*ahem* Natali Del Conte--and our joke show titles.

By Mar. 31, 2009