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Dell unveils new NAS server

The company is aiming the PowerVault 745N network-attached storage server at small businesses and branch offices of big companies.

March 22, 2004


Dell offers storage networking upgrade

Dell Computer announced an expansion card Monday that improves some of its PowerVault 750N and 755N storage systems, giving those that attach to servers by ordinary Ethernet networks the ability to connect with high-speed Fibre Channel networks. The latter technology makes a storage system appear to a server to be connected just like an internal hard drive. The new product--the result of Dell's partnership with storage giant EMC--is designed to smooth over differences between Ethernet-based network-attached storage (NAS) and Fibre Channel-based storage area networks (SANs). The card costs just under $2,500, said Matthew Brisse, product manager for the Dell-EMC product lines.

By June 10, 2002


Dell upgrades tape-backup products

Dell Computer has released a new tape-backup system, the PowerVault 122T, a 3.5-inch thick automated tape library that can use up to eight cartridges for a maximum capacity of 320GB of uncompressed data. A low-end version of the product costs $4,150, Dell said Tuesday. Tape libraries, while increasingly being augmented by faster disk-based storage, are still popular because of their large capacity.

By May 21, 2002


Dell offers higher-end tape-storage goods

Dell Computer has begun selling higher-end tape-backup systems that use a newer format called Linear Tape-Open, expanding the Round Rock, Texas, company's push into the data-storage market. The company is selling the PowerVault 136T with capacity of as much as 14.4 terabytes of storage in 72 cartridges and a starting price of $17,000. The PowerVault also can be configured with a Fibre Channel networking router to connect the device to special-purpose storage networks. The 128T, which Dell plans to release later this year with a starting price of $10,000, can hold up to 4TB in 20 cartridges.

By July 9, 2001


Dell, Microsoft join forces in storage gambit

The union, which will yield a 1.5-terabyte product by mid-2001, pits Dell PowerVault systems and Microsoft's Windows 2000 against some of the biggest names in storage, including Compaq Computer, EMC and IBM.

October 23, 2000