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Accessory Power ReVive Series PowerUp 3P Dual USB and DC Power Adapter

A 12-volt car charger may be just a car charger, but the ReVive PowerUp 3P boasts a clever design and useful features.

By April 30, 2013


​PowerUp drone lets you fly like paper, get high like planes

Nothing is safe from the drone effect at CES. Now, even the humble paper plane can be fitted with propellers and driven with your smartphone. Or, if you want to get in the cockpit, with your head.

By January 6, 2016


Stand more and sit less with the UpDesk PowerUps

Starting at $899 the PowerUps Series II by UpDesk is motorized and features an adjustable, programmable height for sitting or standing.

By March 14, 2014

Editors' Take

PowerUps Series II (Maple)

The $899 PowerUp Series II desk from UpDesk converts from standing to sitting position at your command.

By March 14, 2014


Troubleshooting power-up issues for Mac systems

If your Mac does not sound the boot chimes and load OS X when powered on, then there is likely a hardware fault at play.

By August 28, 2012


GameStop launches Facebook storefront

Video game retailer opens a store for Facebook users. From the social network, people can preorder games, buy titles, and redeem PowerUp Rewards.

By April 7, 2011


PowerUp powers down tech for all

A 3-year-old program dedicated to narrowing the high-tech digital divide shuts its doors as corporate backers think twice about opening their wallets.

November 6, 2002


Short Take: Group gives high-tech power to U.S. youth

A group of nonprofit organizations, corporations, and federal agencies has launched a multimillion-dollar initiative to help ensure that disadvantaged youth in America acquire skills and resources necessary to succeed in the digital age. The group, chaired by America Online CEO Steve Case, said in a statement that the new initiative, called PowerUp, will be based in schools and community centers around the country and will provide children with Internet access, technology, and personnel.

November 8, 1999