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Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats

Open, edit, and save files using the new file formats in 2007 versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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Presenting, apps that challenge PowerPoint

If you’re in the business of making presentations, you’re probably a pro at using software like Microsoft’s PowerPoint, which is now offered on the iPad. But PowerPoint is not the only option: In this Tech Minute, CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports on competitors that can help make your slideshows wow and entertain with great visuals and seamless technology.

By May 13, 2014


Adobe dabbling with iPad app to rival PowerPoint

The Ginger app for tablets is designed to make it easy for people to tell stories with animated presentations. It looks like a new Adobe effort to capitalize on the growing mobile market.

By September 25, 2013


Alicia Keys gives PowerPoint presentation to BlackBerry

BlackBerry marketing chief Frank Boulben reveals that the singer and company creative director is deeply engaged in BlackBerry's business. Did she sing as she presented?

By April 17, 2013


Priest's PowerPoint to parents takes risque turn

An Irish priest preparing parents of children for Holy Communion finds that the USB stick he's using contains gay porn. The priest says he knows what happened, but not how.

By April 3, 2012


How to use PowerPoint effectively

Are you making your point or putting your audience to sleep? To keep viewers focused on your message, create slides that support what you're tell them--and definitely do not read.

By September 12, 2011


Swiss political party tries to ban PowerPoint

A political party in Switzerland believes that PowerPoint and other presentation software costs the nation more than $2 billion in lost productivity.

By July 5, 2011


Disgruntled IT guy slips porn into CEO's PowerPoint

Baltimore IT manager, who reportedly was fired from his job, hacks into his former CEO's PowerPoint and inserts porn. This emerges during the CEO's presentation to the board of directors.

By June 22, 2011


Present PowerPoint docs on a BlackBerry PlayBook

Learn how to present PowerPoint docs on a BlackBerry PlayBook using the Slideshow To Go app.

7 Images May 5, 2011


The real villain in PowerPoint sex-rating 'scandal'

Duke graduate creates a PowerPoint in which she rates her sexual experiences with various men. It goes viral and some students criticize her actions. Who's to blame?

By October 8, 2010


Make a great PowerPoint presentation

Brian Cooley breaks down the tips on how you can make an engaging and entertaining PowerPoint presentation.

July 28, 2010