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SensePlug.io SAM Plug and Power Strip

With a built-in environmental sensors, smart USB ports, and promises of IFTTT-compatibility, these crowdfunded plugs could put some pressure on WeMo.

By May 6, 2014

MSRP: $49.00


Quirky's new power strip lets you charge at home and on-the-go (pictures)

The Quirky Pickup Power power strip has three outlets and includes a pop-out battery you can take with you.

5 Images By September 17, 2014


Modular power strip stacks up with cube design

The humble power strip gets a makeover with the PowerCube, a stackable, changeable set of square power-outlet extensions.

By January 13, 2014


Is the world ready for a power strip/tote bag thing?

The ChargerGenie on Indiegogo attaches a power strip to the bottom of a tote bag, walking a fine line between silly and clever.

By July 25, 2013


Wet Circuits: Water- and shockproof power strip

Besides water resistance and touch protection, the $35 Wet Circuits power strip offers overheat and spark prevention as standard safety features.

By July 7, 2010


Check your consumption with this power strip

An LCD display shows in kilowatt hours (kWh) the power consumption of the connected electronic gadgets.

By April 29, 2008


Power strip does 'The Clapper' one better

It automatically turns itself off when no one is around.

By April 10, 2008


Power strip may keep fire marshal away

Adjustable version can handle a multitude of bricks.

By February 13, 2008


Enough of conferences with no power strips

It's almost 2008. It's time for conference organizers to ensure that their attendees have all the power they need.

By November 28, 2007


Surrealists rejoice: here's a power strip for you

This appliance looks like it stepped out of a painting full of melting clocks.

By March 19, 2007