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What's really in a McDonald's Chicken McNugget? Former Mythbuster finds out

Pink slime? Poultry beaks and feet? Former "MythBusters" host Grant Imahara visits Tyson food-processing plant to investigate what McDonald's Chicken McNuggets are actually made from.

By December 9, 2014


How we test: Ovens and stovetops

Here's how we put ovens and stovetops through their paces in the CNET Appliances' Reviews Lab.

By April 9, 2014


Farberware Seasoning Sticks season from the inside out

The Farberware Seasoning Sticks feature a clasping design that allows them to be filled with herbs and spices. Small perforations allow the aromatics to infuse meat and poultry while cooking.

By November 19, 2013


Smokin' hot at home

You can smoke the perfect flavors into meat, fish, or poultry with the Smokin Tex Hot-or-Cold Smoker.

By April 17, 2009


Shears speed up kitchen work

Whether you're planning on a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner or just roasting a chicken for dinner, cutting up your poultry is much easier with the Things Cooks Love Poultry Shears.

By October 30, 2008


Forget the sixth sense, here comes the stick sense

SensorfreshQ freshness detector tells you whether or not your meat and poultry is safe to eat.

By June 8, 2008


Beer-can chicken without the beer can

A vertical poultry roaster lets you make beer-can chicken without the beer can.

By May 12, 2008


Images: Prehistoric poultry?

Researchers recently concluded that modern-day chickens and ducks can trace back their lineage to the dinosaur days.

January 25, 2005


U.K. sets up bird flu database

Commercial poultry keepers will be asked to register their flocks to help the government identify any outbreaks.

By October 21, 2005


Duck ancestors roamed Earth with dinosaurs

Call it "Jurassic Barnyard," but it appears that ancient chickens lived at the same time as dinosaurs. Images: Prehistoric poultry?

By January 25, 2005