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Dell's Alienware 17 packs potent power into a slightly smaller shell

You'd be hard pressed to notice, but Dell's new Alienware gaming machines have slimmed down a tad.

By January 6, 2015


Motorola's tiny yet potent Droid Mini (pictures)

At $99.99 with a Verizon two-year contract, the Motorola Droid Mini is compact, affordable, and very capable.

12 Images By September 16, 2013


The pint-size yet potent LG Motion 4G (pictures)

For $149.99, the LG Motion 4G on MetroPCS packs lots of quality features into its small frame.

10 Images By August 22, 2012


Audyssey's potent little Lower East Side desktop speakers

Most very small speakers are bass-challenged, and then there are the Audyssey Lower East Side Media Speakers. They rock!

By April 4, 2012


A Windows 8 tablet offers hope as potent iPad foe

With Windows 8 now on a clearer path to release, expect the big device makers to try to crash the raucous Apple party with Microsoft leading the way. And who knows? Microsoft may even steer buyers away from a next-generation 9-inch Kindle Fire.

By February 12, 2012


Acer sees Windows 8 as more potent challenge to Apple

Acer's chairman sees Windows 8 offering up a stronger challenge to Apple and reviving the Windows PC hardware camp, which is currently seeing tepid growth.

By October 31, 2011


Report: iPhone 4G packs potent chip

A prototype Apple iPhone 4G squeezes in an iPad-class processor, according to an iFixit report based on a device teardown featured on a Vietnamese Web site.

By May 12, 2010


Mozilla charts why Microsoft's PC lock is 'potent'

"Just owning the first (Web) experience is worth about 100 million new users a year," Mozilla's Asa Dotzler says in reference to IE's status amid immense Web growth.

By April 8, 2009


Commentary: Summoning a less-potent Jini

Transformational leaps in network computing never occur at blink-of-an-eye speeds. The much-ballyhooed Java Jini software is a case in point.

October 2, 2000