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Poster's remorse common for social-network users

Posting a spur-of-the-moment comment and then regretting it is a universal theme among the Facebook and MySpace set, Retrevo survey finds.

By May 18, 2010


iPad Mini Retina Remorse?

New display issues are plaguing some of the Retina iPad Mini's, are you still happy with yours? The rumored "MaxiPad" is in production, and our Speck case giveaway!

By November 21, 2013


Poetic nanotech poster eats air pollution

An experimental poster created with an air-purifying nanotech formula is currently scrubbing pollutants out of the atmosphere in England.

By May 15, 2014


'Sharknado 2' poster makes 'Jaws' look like 'Snow White'

One of the great artistic achievements of the SyFy Channel is returning for another bite. And the artwork announcing it is beauty beyond conception.

By March 31, 2014


'Star Wars Rebels' gets propaganda poster treatment

To promote its forthcoming TV special and series, Lucasfilm has put out a series of stunning artistic posters.

By February 6, 2014


Cute Tokyo Metro posters remind commuters to behave

Passengers might think twice before blaring music, sneezing on strangers, or falling asleep drunk on the subway with these charming posters spotted in Japan.

By January 13, 2014


Drunken tweets get you in trouble? Show some remorse, U.K. says

New guidelines made public by the Crown Prosecution Service say that a little remorse goes a long way in averting social-media-related prosecution.

By December 19, 2012


Hilariously photoshopped 'Thor 2' poster in China cinema

A Shanghai theater prints out its own poster for the "Thor" sequel, but it communicates a different sort of superhero love story.

By November 6, 2013


iPhone to soon land at China Mobile, suggests leaked poster

China Mobile may be about to get custody of the iPhone 5S and 5C assuming a poster touting the new phones is accurate.

By September 26, 2013


Radically retro 'Star Trek' posters (pictures)

Artist Juan Ortiz steps back in time with phantasmagorical 1960s 'Star Trek' episode posters.

8 Images September 22, 2013