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Manage grayed-out 'Move to Trash' option in OS X

You can fix the inability to move files to the OS X trash by adjusting file permissions settings.

By March 3, 2014


Partitioning USB hard drives that fail in Disk Utility with 'POSIX' error

When trying to partition and format various USB hard drives, a number of users are getting errors in Disk Utility that states "Disk Erase failed with the error: POSIX reports: The operation couldn't be completed. Cannot allocate memory".

By January 8, 2010


Q&A: MacFixIt Answers

What happened to the bounce option in OS X Mail, and what are unexpected ACLs and .DS_Store files in OS X? Here we answer these and other questions from MacFixIt readers.

By February 10, 2012


AppleScript Fun: Automatically changing Safari's downloads folder

Here is a fun approach for automatically changing Safari's downloads folder to an external drive that uses AppleScript. If you like scripting on a Mac then this may be for you.

By September 2, 2011


PlayBook uses Google's code for Android apps

RIM will soon update the BlackBerry PlayBook with components necessary to run Android applications. We speak to RIM's CTO of software about how this was achieved and when to expect the Android Player.

By May 5, 2011


How to open a file in a Terminal editor from the OS X Finder

While you can manually enter the commands to edit files in Terminal editors, in OS X you can set up a service to open files in a desired terminal editor from the Finder's contextual menu.

By April 27, 2011


Buzz Out Loud 1314: Weaponized viruses and overclocking your pacemaker (podcast)

Today: Mark Zuckerberg clouds the air further on the FacePhone; Verizon squashes iPhone rumors flat; Netflix blames bad actors; and Peek gets it right for a change.

By September 23, 2010


Home folder permissions repair in OS X

The home folder permissions in OS X are set up in such a way as to provide you access to your files, but only allow other users to see certain shared folders in your account. Every now and then people will come across situations where the home folder permissions are not working properly, and sometimes this can prevent them from logging in to their account and accessing files.

By August 13, 2010


Trash solution summary: Cannot delete files

One problem that crops up from time to time is stubborn files that will not move to the trash, or be deleted from the trash when the command is given to do so. There may be errors that accompany these behaviors which include files in use or access denied errors, but at other times there may be no such error.

By June 15, 2010


Tutorial: File sharing in OS X

In order to share files on a network in the past "classic" Mac operating system, you had to access and set up items in several locations. First, you needed to enable file sharing in one location, then add users in another location, and finally navigate

By May 20, 2009