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Porn studios to subpoena accused file sharers

A law firm in West Virginia will demand that ISPs hand over the records of customers accused of violating the copyrights of porn studios.

By October 2, 2010


The 4chan porn leak: First of many?

Copyright watchdogs are collecting info on suspected file sharers. But in the wake of major data breach, there are questions about how these firms protect data.

By September 28, 2010


The 404 204: Where we want to know what love is

Tardy Justin gets detention and the boys recap Friday's 200th episode meetup. Michael Cera stars in the worst movie ever as a nebbish high schooler who doesn't know how to talk to girls.

By October 13, 2008


The 404 117: Where Molly Wood won't extract properly

With Jeff back in the studio, we sit down for a lengthy chat about New Orleans, our trip to the sun, why Disney stomps all over Sublime, Walmart's own Geek Squad, iPhone gaming, and other sleazeball topics you've come to expect from the 404.

By June 10, 2008