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The Rock continues quest to dominate all media, launches YouTube channel

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson teams up with YouTube starts to bring "fresh, innovative, non-pornographic material" to YouTube.

By July 18, 2016


Snapchat accused of exposing kids to 'profoundly sexual content'

Lawsuit accuses the app maker of routinely showing minors sexually explicit images without warning.

By July 7, 2016


Boris Johnson's Brexit victory speech uploaded to Pornhub with X-rated title

Pornhub user "BrexitVote" posted Johnson's speech with a comical, but obscene title.

By June 29, 2016


More joy for your stick: VR porn makes a splash at E3

"Gamers are a key audience for us," says the chief information officer at porn studio Naughty America. Judging by the queue at the booth, he might be right.

By June 15, 2016


Utah lawmaker wants to put porn blockers on cell phones

Technically Incorrect: The state that believes pornography is a public health threat wants to take prophylactic measures.

By May 24, 2016


Artificial intelligence: Getting as good as the real thing

Three of the biggest names in AI see the field changing the way we live.

By May 23, 2016


Faith-based congressional candidate reveals porn tabs in Facebook post

Technically Incorrect: Mike Webb, a Republican running for Congress in Virginia, exposes his web habits to the world. The world titters.

By May 16, 2016


Netflix too full of porn and violence, Indonesia's largest telco says

PT Telkom Indonesia, the country's largest Internet service provider, has blocked Netflix for now, citing its violent and "pornographic" content as well as its lack of compliance with local regulations.

By January 27, 2016


Over 800 porn sites banned in India following government crackdown

According to reports, the Indian government is blocking access to the pornographic sites, though actually stopping Indians from accessing pornography may prove impossible.

By August 3, 2015


Pornographic video clips already showing up on Twitter's Vine

New video-sharing app for iPhone and iPod doesn't expressly forbid pornographic content, but Apple's App Store guidelines do.

By January 27, 2013