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Which iOS 5 feature excites you the most? (poll)

Apple's new OS is brimming with nifty updates and additions. Which one are you most looking forward to? Wi-Fi syncing? Notifications? Vote in our poll!

By June 7, 2011


Poll: Who needs home theater surround speakers?

It's a given that most home theater buyers own 5.1 or 7.1 channel receivers, but do they actually hook up five, six, or seven speakers, and a subwoofer?

By June 5, 2011


Is the new Windows 8 interface any good? Vote in our poll

Vote in our poll to have your say on whether Microsoft's all-new Windows 8 interface looks cool, or totally rubbish. It's a bold redesign, that does away with many Windows staples -- can it succeed?

By June 4, 2011


Friday Poll: Is Windows 8 the right approach to a tablet OS?

This week, Microsoft took the wraps off an operating system specially made for touch-screen tablet devices. Did the software giant do it right?

By June 3, 2011


What's the dust-bunny rating of E3 2010's high-profile game hardware? (poll)

You may have an Xbox Kinect, Nintendo 3DS, and PlayStation Move, but which of last year's big E3 hardware hits is gathering the most dust?

By June 2, 2011


Friday Poll: What size memory card would you buy?

Memory cards come in such a range of sizes and formats these days. How much storage space do you need and how does size matter?

By May 27, 2011


Poll: Mobile workers sleep with phone, check overnight

New report from iPass finds that more than half of employees polled who sleep with their smartphones wake up at least sometimes during the night to check their messages.

By May 25, 2011


Is Sony's PSN compensation enough? Vote in our Facebook poll

Are you happy with the compensation Sony's offering after losing millions of users' personal data and being offline for almost a month? Or should it be doing more?

By May 21, 2011


Friday Poll: What will be your next computer?

Tablet sales have taken a small chunk out of PC sales, but are growing quickly. What will you buy next? Vote in our weekly poll.

By May 20, 2011


PlayStation Network poll reveals most of you will stick with Sony

In the wake of the disastrous PlayStation Network outage and data loss, we asked you whether you'd ever trust Sony again. Click through to read the results of our poll...

By May 16, 2011