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Animals you did not know were poisonous

Quail are tasty and rodents are cute, but beware. They can also poison you.

21 Images By June 24, 2016


Ancient poisonous flower trapped in amber a cousin to strychnine

It's rare to find plant fossils intact, let alone plant fossils that go back at least 15 million years and relate to a modern pesticide.

By February 17, 2016


Radiation-poisoned Spock: Most depressing Christmas ornament ever

Nothing says "Christmas spirit" like seeing Mr. Spock succumbing to radiation poisoning.

By September 29, 2015


How does Tesla build its cars? We'll show you

Join us for a 360-degree tour of Tesla's Fremont Factory, where every Model S and Model X is constructed. And, soon, every Model 3 will roll out of here, too.

By July 26, 2016


You knew it, science proves it. Exercise can be poisonous

Too much exercise can actually poison your blood. But the amount it takes to get toxic isn't a feat for mere mortals.

By June 24, 2015


Science worries binge-watching could be killing you

New research links excessive TV watching and killer blood clots. That could be especially bad news for those who like to watch entire seasons of their favorite shows at a time.

By July 25, 2016


Oculus warns rivals not to 'poison the well' with VR kit that makes us sick

Oculus founder Brendan Iribe says he showed Oculus Rift to Sony, and challenged rivals to "make yours the same or better."

By November 4, 2014


Poison Ivy vs Groot: Just one matchup in eBay's DC/Marvel smackdown

Crave is the first to unveil an interactive infographic from eBay showing the results of 20 battles between famous DC and Marvel heroes and villains. Defend your favorite franchise by voting now.

By March 31, 2015


Holocaust Museum asks visitors to cool it with the Pokemon Go

Calling the game inappropriate for a memorial to the victims of Nazism, Washington's Holocaust Museum asks visitors to stop playing Pokemon Go.

By July 12, 2016


How poison dart frogs could de-ice airplane wings

Poison dart frogs can kill predators with super-toxic venom released through their skin. They can also inspire a system to keep airplane wings ice free.

By March 25, 2015