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PodBrix PodShirt

PodBrix PodShirt

By January 25, 2006

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iCEO: Cuddle with a Steve Jobs plush

Steve Jobs-styled toys haven't had much luck making it through production, but Throwboy is giving it a try with iCEO, an unmistakeably Steve Jobs-ish plush doll.

By March 14, 2012


Steve Jobs doll for sale, Conficker sold separately

Whether you use it as a sleeping aid or a pincushion is up to you, but the unofficial Steve Jobs doll is officially for sale at Podbrix.

By April 2, 2009


Jobs and Woz together again--in Lego form at least

The Young Woz and Jobs Playset, the latest limited-edition custom minifig product from PodBrix, goes on sale Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT.

By August 28, 2007


28 toy stores for cube dwellers

Unlike your car, it's not a good thing to have your desk look like the way you got it. Give it some flair with good office gadgets from these sites.

By September 4, 2007


Woz's Mini Me

By August 3, 2005