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Stop pocket-dialing on your iPhone

Presenting three tips to help you from pocket-dialing on your iPhone.

By June 2, 2011


3 quick tips to prevent pocket-dialing on Android

Learn how to stop being that person who accidentally calls all of their friends.

By May 31, 2011


Use motion to turn your Android phone on or off

Free app Gravity Screen automatically detects when you pick up or put down your phone and offers a wave-to-unlock feature to boot.

By July 6, 2015


Apple tech could help you use your iPhone while in motion

A newly awarded patent describes a way to alter the iPhone's interface to adjust to your movement.

By January 14, 2014


Add Quick Launch shortcuts to your Android lock screen

Looking for a new way to get quick access to your apps and missed notifications? This app will replace your current lock screen with a more useful one.

By August 10, 2012


CallApp adds informative contact management to Android

Here's a better way to keep all the information you might need about a contact on-hand.

By May 29, 2012


Thirteen reasons to doubt the iPhone hype

iPhone, you got some explainin' to do.

By January 11, 2007