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Order a plumber like you would an Uber car with ClubLocal

New home services company lets you order repair people via an app and tracks their ETA to your house.

By June 6, 2013


Window and insulation experts the next plumbers?

Emerging technologies geared toward closing a "thermal envelope" in green building, already the largest growth market in construction, are poised to see increased growth by 2020, report says.

By August 3, 2011


Govt. data on 'Joe the Plumber' illegally accessed?

While many turned to Google to learn about Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, others reportedly accessed personal information about him from Ohio government computers.

By October 27, 2008


Fleximus camera perfect for plumbers

Fleximus is a concept camera with a flexible tube lens. It's very simple, bendable and might one day be the perfect gift for plumbers.

By December 25, 2009


Tech start-ups compare notes with Joe the Plumber

Technology entrepreneurs sound off on the pros and cons of paying higher taxes if Barack Obama becomes the next U.S. president.

By October 17, 2008


Can Super Mario 3D Land save the 3DS?

Can everyone's favorite mustached plumber save Nintendo's fragile 3D portable gaming system?

By November 9, 2011


PETA goes after Mario and his Tanooki suit

New campaign targets Mario's fur suit. Guess PETA never had an issue with everyone's favorite plumber stomping on turtles and using their shells as weapons.

By November 14, 2011


PETA blasts Mario for wearing Tanooki fur

Animal rights group PETA has attacked Mario for wearing fur in his latest outing, even making a game parodying the plumber.

By November 14, 2011


Cuckold dresses down wife's lover on Twitter, gets sued

A plumber plumbs the depths of despair when he discovers his wife is allegedly having an affair. He broadcasts details about her alleged lover on Twitter and the Web and gets sued for harassment.

By June 16, 2011