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Toyota: Prius plug-in gets 65 mpg

Automotive News reports on Toyota's plug-in Prius.

By February 3, 2009


Better Place Denmark to plug electric cars by 2011

Shai Agassi's start-up and Danish utility Dong Energy secure almost $103 million in financing to build a network of battery-swapping stations in Denmark in two years.

By January 27, 2009


AOL Mail gets plug-ins for Google and Yahoo mail

If you still use AOL Mail, check out these cool new widgets.

By January 21, 2009


Big 3 U.S. auto giants plug electric cars

Ford debuts comprehensive electric vehicle strategy with passenger cars due in 2011 while GM shows off the Cadillac Converj with the same powertrain as the Chevy Volt.

By January 11, 2009


Toyota to build electric town car, plug-in hybrids

The world's biggest auto company will introduce an "urban commuter" all-electric car in 2012 and will start testing a plug-in Prius with a lithium-ion battery later this year.

By January 11, 2009


Veoh releases search plug-in

Video aggregation company is in your Google. And Yahoo and Ask. Veoh CEO says "video should be everywhere."

By January 9, 2009


Boxee plugs into Joost, MTV Music

Media application gets plug-ins for Joost and MTV Music. In addition, its Mac and Linux alpha versions are being opened up to the public, and its Windows alpha is being expanded.

By January 8, 2009


Vegawatt plugs in grease-fired restaurant generator

Start-up Owl Power Systems to announce series A venture financing to build its Vegawatt distributed generator, which runs on a restaurant's fryer vegetable oil.

By January 5, 2009


Made in China: A plug-in hybrid for the masses

BYD Auto begins selling first mass-produced plug-in hybrid electric vehicle in China.

By December 19, 2008


Google Earth browser plug-in arrives for Mac

Web sites that feature the built-in version of Google Earth now can support Mac OS X users--or at least those who download a 47MB plug-in.

By December 3, 2008