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plextor px-608u external dvd burner

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Plextor PX-608CU

The Plextor PX-608CU portable DVD burner is a great match for users who have a laptop without a built-in DVD burner; we just don't know who that might be.

By Aug. 16, 2007

3 stars Editor's rating Aug. 16, 2007

MSRP: $169.00


Plextor PX-M3

With good performance and friendly pricing, the Plextor M3 makes a great replacement drive for any laptop or desktop computers.

By Mar. 8, 2012

3.5 stars Editor's rating Mar. 8, 2012

Plextor M6S series

With unimpressive performance that doesn't match its high price, there's no reason why you should pick the Plextor M6S over other SSDs on the market.

By Apr. 11, 2014

3 stars Editor's rating Apr. 11, 2014

MSRP: $499.99


Plextor PX-NAS2

The Plextor PX-NAS2 gives users a taste of what a NAS server could be, but then falls shorts of expectations in all categories, especially performance.

By Jun. 16, 2010

2.5 stars Editor's rating Jun. 16, 2010

MSRP: $209.00


Plextor M5 Pro Xtreme

If you're on a market for a high-end solid-state drive for your computer, be it a PC or a Mac, look no further than the Plextor M5 Pro Xtreme.

By Jan. 9, 2013

4 stars Editor's rating Jan. 9, 2013

Plextor PX-740UF

The Plextor PX-740UF is a sturdy drive that performs beautifully, but it's expensive.

By Jan. 13, 2006

3 stars Editor's rating Jan. 13, 2006

MSRP: $239.00


Plextor PX-810SA DVD±RW / DVD-RAM drive - Serial ATA

The Plextor PX-810SA internal CD/DVD burner is quick for both ripping and burning. We like it.

By Aug. 8, 2007

3.5 stars Editor's rating Aug. 8, 2007

MSRP: $89.00


Plextor M5 Pro

Fast and compatible with all systems, the Plextor M5 Pro would be a great solid-state drive for anyone who can afford it.

By Aug. 7, 2012

4 stars Editor's rating Aug. 7, 2012

Plextor PX-M2S (256GB)

With excellent performance, the Plextor PX-256M2S SSD makes an ideal internal storage drive for laptops, especially those that support the 6Gbps SATA standard. Its price tag is not for the faint of heart, however.

By Mar. 16, 2011

4 stars Editor's rating Mar. 16, 2011

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Get a Samsung external DVD drive for $24.99

This slim, USB-powered burner makes a perfect travel companion for laptops that lack an optical drive.

By Oct. 10, 2012