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Protect your car tech privacy with these six simple tips

Your car stores a lot of your personal information. Here are a few simple steps that you can take to help protect your privacy.

By August 22, 2013


Microsoft offers up tips, stats on location privacy

Sharing your location has always carried some risk, but a recent survey conducted by Microsoft shows that less than half of the sample group had ever used it.

By January 26, 2011


Air Force worried geolocation services help enemy

An AP report suggests that the Air Force is concerned troops using mobile services like Foursquare and Facebook Places to share their locations may put U.S. forces at risk.

By November 17, 2010


Privacy concerns dog location-based services

Facebook Places and other services that let you post your current location may share info with third parties who can track you in the real world.

By November 13, 2010


Zuckerbandits? Alleged 'Facebook' burglars busted

Three males are arrested for allegedly stealing over $100,000 worth of electronics, ammunition, fireworks, and other booty by using Facebook to find when victims are away.

By September 10, 2010


Are you worried about geolocation privacy? (poll)

Geolocation services, mobile apps that let users broadcast their physical whereabouts are gaining speed. But so it appears, are user privacy fears.

By July 22, 2010


The 404 Podcast 521: Where we stomp a double McTwist with extra tomato

It's Thursday, which means Natali Del Conte is on today's show!

By February 18, 2010


Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1167: 3D will make you go blind

Well, ok, 3D might not make you go blind, but we think the issue warrants further study. At least, Molly and Rafe think it warrants further study. Tom's just baiting us. Also, AT&T gets a Windows Phone 7 victory, Warner is still keeping DVDs on life suppo

By February 17, 2010