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NFL playoffs get free streaming on CBS, NBC

Besides watching Super Bowl XLVIII for free online, fans can also stream wild card match-ups and playoffs.

By January 2, 2014


NBA offering downloads of playoff games

The NBA has quietly launched a download store so fans can watch the Warriors miraculously beat the Mavericks all over again.

By May 7, 2007


Oracle puts the Warriors in the playoffs

Coincidence? The Golden State Warriors made the playoffs for the first time in 12 years, after Oracle signed a naming-rights deal earlier this year for the basketball team's arena.

By April 19, 2007


Tebow sets new sports tweets-per-second record

Tim Tebow's impressive overtime playoff win over the Steelers sets a new sports tweets-per-second record, blowing the women's World Cup final out of the water.

By January 9, 2012


Super Bowl to be streamed live in U.S.

The NFL says that its championship game, as well as two playoff games and the Pro Bowl, will be streamed live for the first time. The games will also be available on Verizon mobile devices.

By December 20, 2011


Antipirates attacked for pirating NFL game

The Web fulminates when it is revealed that executives from VEVO--vehement music industry antipirates--played a pirated stream of an NFL playoff game at a party. VEVO claims it left its Wi-Fi unsupervised. Have we heard that argument before?

By February 11, 2012


That's no DDoS attack, it's just Tiger

Tiger Woods' playoff round for the U.S. Open attracted a flood of viewers to the Web and this had some ISPs believing someone had launched a denial-of-service attack.

By June 18, 2008


Blogger removed from NCAA baseball game for blogging

A news blogger is told to leave a college baseball playoff game for posting during the game.

By June 11, 2007


YouTube gives you an early jump on 2014 Super Bowl ads

The YouTube Ad Blitz channel offers an early look at some Super Bowl commercials and will let people vote for their favorite ad once the big game is over.

By January 17, 2014


Clippers star offers poignant Instagram response to owner

DeAndre Jordan posts a very simple image to Instagram, after a recording emerges allegedly of the team's owner, Donald Sterling, seeming to suggest he didn't want black men at his games. Or his girlfriend to post images of herself with black men on Instagram.

By April 27, 2014