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Platform as a service moves into the data center

PaaS got its start as purely hosted offerings. But we're starting to see a lot more discussion about transplanting the approach into the enterprise data center.

By May 18, 2012


Microsoft readying cross-platform Xbox music service, report says

The service won't require any browser plug-ins, according to the report, and could work on Android, iOS, and Windows 8, among other platforms.

By April 25, 2012


Does 'platform as a service' mean developer lock-in?

The first release of Google App Engine has developers concerned about getting their applications out of Google's 'cloud' and into another.

By April 15, 2008


"Java-in-the-cloud" will lead us to "Platform-as-a-Service"

There is a key missing piece for cloud computing to really go mainstream, a higher-level programming language to be able to do more advanced logic and functionality.

By April 8, 2008


Web 2.5: The emergence of platforms-as-a-service

On the road to the elusive Web 3.0, core infrastructure is moving from the edge to a center. Call it Web 2.5, where the platform-as-a-service providers allow developers to create Web applications via the cloud and for users to consume them anytime, anywhe

By April 7, 2008


Platform-as-a-service is coming sooner than you think

Applications in the cloud are getting more realistic. Salesforce.com has the opportunity to make it happen.

By March 17, 2008


IBM to invest $3B in building Internet of Things business

IBM formalizes its focus on the Internet of Things as it faces competition from traditional tech rivals as well as companies such as General Electric.

By March 30, 2015


Larry Ellison steps down as Oracle CEO

Oracle's fiery frontman becomes CTO as Mark Hurd and Safra Catz become co-CEOs. Meanwhile, Oracle delivers another shaky quarter.

By September 18, 2014


Instagram grows in China, despite ban on parent Facebook

While Facebook itself is blocked by the Chinese government, Facebook-owned Instagram is growing fast in that country.

By June 11, 2014


IBM laying off up to 25 percent of 'hardware' division

Big Blue confirms it's commencing workforce cuts, but declines to put a number on the job losses. A source tells CNET the layoffs entail up to 25 percent in the Systems and Technology group.

By February 27, 2014