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Actual chickens win Plat'Home's Linux contest

Linux is for more than just Webservers. People all over the country came up with new and innovative uses to win Plat'home's contest.

By October 21, 2008


Plat'Home launches coffee-cup-sized Linux network box

Yet another cool piece of server/gadget technology from Plat'Home makes its way from Japan to North America.

By July 9, 2008


Open source in Japan: Q&A with the President of Plat'Home

Plat'Home has been very influential in making Linux big in Japan. Here's an interview with one of the biggest drivers of Japan's Linux market.

By May 19, 2008


Japan's Plat'Home launches palm-sized Linux server for extreme heat and cold conditions

Hot on the heels of their MicroblockS server, Plat'Home is back with a micro-server for extreme conditions

By April 21, 2008


Japan's Plat'Home launching palm-sized Linux server in U.S.

Palm-sized Linux servers for specialized uses bring back the client-server model.

By March 31, 2008


Will Linux Work? Your chance to try and kill a cute little Linux box

Plat'home has a fun new contest that puts Linux servers into the palm of your hand (literally.)

By August 1, 2008