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Italy green-lights largest PV solar plant in Europe

SunEdison's 72-megawatt photovoltaic solar power plant finds a home in Italy's Veneto region.

By March 11, 2010


Sen. Reid helps win wind turbine plant for Nevada

Production and assembly factory producing 1,100-megawatts worth of turbines annually will create 1,000 permanent jobs for the state.

By March 11, 2010


Backpack Power Plant: You are the Grid

Putting Bourne Energy's BPP on your back is like being able to walk around with 60 solar panels.

By March 3, 2010


Bloom's power plant in a box? (FAQ)

Start-up Bloom Energy is set to officially announce its "power plant in a box" this week. What is it and how does it work?

By February 22, 2010


Plants vs. Zombies a perfect app for the iPhone

Of all of the casual, addicting puzzlers to hit the App Store recently, Plants vs. Zombies might be the best of all.

By February 15, 2010


Chinese firm to invest billions in solar battery plant

BYD, which is 10 percent owned by U.S. billionaire Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, plans to spend $3.3 billion to build China's largest solar battery plant.

By January 23, 2010


Brazil opens world's first ethanol-fired power plant

South American biofuels giant opens plant in an effort to increase the global use of ethanol and boost its clean power generation.

By January 19, 2010


Ethanol alternative gains ground with new plant

Cobalt Biofuels opens plant in California to produce biobutanol from wood waste as other big names also invest in the non-food based biofuel.

By January 13, 2010


New GM plant to assemble Chevy Volt batteries

Battery assembly plant in Michigan goes into production Thursday, with the batteries and cells themselves coming from South Korea.

By January 6, 2010


First Solar opens utility-scale power plant

Company says the site--the largest photovoltaic solar power station in California--serves a model for its expansion into the utility business.

By December 21, 2009