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Symantec to buy VeriSign's security business

The security heavyweight eyes VeriSign's SSL, PKI, and other authentication services in a deal valued at $1.28 billion.

By May 19, 2010


Expect more PKI in 2008

Though not a standalone security widget, PKI can really improve security, protect data integrity, and bolster identity management.

By November 14, 2007


PKI's alive and kicking

CoreStreet President Phil Libin notes that while the public key infrastructure has been declared dead a number of times, it just refuses to die--like TCP/IP, it's grown.

February 19, 2004


Commentary: PKI key to security alliance

IBM's teaming with VeriSign to promote VeriSign's Internet security solutions and services may create tremors in the growing market for authentication services.

January 22, 2002


CEO of Entrust Technologies resigns

John Ryan departs as the security company looks to extend beyond PKI software, which is used to authenticate users for private transactions.

February 13, 2001


Short Take: Commerce One to use Baltimore Technologies' software

Security software maker Baltimore Technologies said Commerce One will integrate Baltimore Technologies' core security products into its MarketSite portal software. Baltimore Technologies' UniCert certificate management system issues software to secure online transactions using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology. PKI systems issue and manage digital certificates, which serve as identification online. With the integration, Commerce One customers will be able to conduct secure transactions between participants of Commerce One's community of industry marketplaces.

August 4, 2000


Digital certificates move toward interoperability

Makers of public key infrastructure, or PKI systems, develop software that works with two or more standards.

January 19, 1999


Short Take: VeriSign to adapt for banks

Certificate authority VeriSign said it will adapt its public key infrastructure (PKI) service so that it can be used in a worldwide initiative announced recently by eight major banks. Working with CertCo, the banks said they will issue digital certificates worldwide that vouch for the identity of companies or individuals involved in business-to-business Net commerce.

October 22, 1998